Selected to Northwestern Faculty Honor Roll by NU Students

Each Spring, Northwestern students nominate teachers who had an outstanding impact on their time at Northwestern, writing a brief paragraph about why professors deserve to bet honored. Those with the most nominations and best narratives are then chosen to be on the Associated Student Government Honor Roll. I was honored to be selected for the 2016-2017 academic year for the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences. Below is one of my nominations:

“Professor Harrison is one of the few professors I’ve had at Northwestern that truly cares not only about the subject he is discussing, but also the students he is teaching. He handled tough subject matter with grace and was able to fully communicate the ways politics and identity have shaped legislative and public views of the LGBTQ community. He furthered honest and open discussion, remaining engaging and non-judgmental throughout the entirety of the course. His passion for research relating to the LGBTQ community was inspiring and drove the entire class to engage fully with the material whether it was a documentary or a dense article. I have never learned more in a class nor felt more valued as a student and member of the Northwestern community than when I was in Professor Harrison’s classroom.”